Software designed for those new to making backup images and cloning
(A lot of experienced folks use it too!)
What Is FoxClone??

FoxClone is a image backup, restore, and clone tool for Windows and Linux systems, using a simple point-and-click interface. Being Linux-based, it boots to its own system exclusive of anything on the hard disk drive (HDD) or solid disk drive (SSD), where it takes images of the partitions and stores them for later restoration. The resulting image files can optionally be compressed to save space.

FoxClone makes it easy to make image backups or clones of any Windows or Linux system. No, it won't work on a Mac operating system. See the right hand column for more information about its ease of use.
Want To Learn More??

FoxClone was purposely designed to make it easy for people who are new to making backup images and cloning to accomplish that task. With a simple point and click interface, it's almost impossible to fail.

FoxClone's extensive 62 page manual walks you, step by step, through the installation process as well as the actual process of making backup images or cloning a drive. You can view or download it Here.

Included in the installation are the manual for quick reference, network software, a web browser, Gparted for setting up the drive you're making a backup image to, and more. Unlike some other cloning software, FoxClone is a complete package.

If you should ever be unclear about how to use FoxClone or have a question or suggestion, go to Contact Page on this website and contact us. We check for emails to us daily.

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